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6 Industries on the Rise in 2020 (yes, even now)

When you're considering a career change or starting your own business, one of the first questions to ask yourself is:

Will this industry support my vision for growth?

For those of you considering a professional pivot we have rounded up 6 Industries on the Rise.

1. Alternative childcare: Calling all educators! Childcare is seeing a major transformation and it is a great time to adapt a problem solving mindset of: What problems can I solve? Barcelona based Nannyfy changed its business model overnight to serve their consumer base during Covid. Its fleet of on-demand nannys went from making house calls and filling date nights to providing online homework help, sing-a-longs and cooking classes. Their recent launch of Nannyfy TV brings the bi-lingual content together in one monthly subscription and they are looking to grow their marketplace of nannies and educators.

2. Cybersecurity: With most fields moving online, the wardens responsible for protecting us from fraud and cyber crime are in high demand. Multinationals and tech start-ups rely on these roles to keep data safe and IP safeguarded, needless to say the pandemic is only fueling demand. The global cybersecurity market is expected to double by 2025, and according to HR recruiters there simply aren’t enough qualified professionals to fill demand. It might be a good time for a pivot with a clear ROI. Check out Coursera for some intro courses to see if it could be a good skill match.

3. Artisan entrepreneurship: With e-commerce growing exponentially there is an opportunity for local creators to hone in on their expertise and reach new audiences. For an example tune in to our Live IGTV this Wednesday with Kirstyn Shaw to learn about how she launched a successful cookie business. We will talk about the monetization process and ask questions about logistics, delivery her commercial kitchen costs and how she is marketing to new consumers. Watch this space and let us know if you'd like to be featured on an upcoming Women Going Places Interview.

4. Health & wellness: If there’s one thing the pandemic has highlighted it is that we need our health now more than ever. Mental health and fitness solutions that cater to hybrid tastes are growing exponentially with online coaching and e-fitness leading the pack. The challenges here will be in monetizing on trends and battling fickle consumer behaviour accustomed to free trials, and discount culture. For a local experience you can visit Barrefit BCN studio in Eixample. Sidonie combines in person workouts and digital workouts via her brand partner Oysho.

5. E-Learning: We are seeing an incredible opportunity for online solutions and virtual platforms that solve for the new homeschool/ hybrid environment. Global digital spend in education will double by 2025, reaching $342 billion. Our concern here is that certain socio-economic groups, and marginalised communities won’t get the same tools or access to distant learning. If you know of a company or thought leader who could lend more insight give us a shout. We would love to follow this article with a piece on social impact.

6. Logistics & Delivery: Online food delivery and e-commerce trends are shaping the logistics landscape with consumers opting to order in to avoid exposure and unnecessary risk. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurial minded operations people as this space will be heavily funded in the years to come, so it is a good time to think about holistic supply chain solutions for corporations and micro-businesses alike. In Barcelona we see unicorns like Glovo, Deliveroo and UberEats battling on costs, but did you know there are also more mom & pop solutions? Check out if your favorite spots deliver directly using their own staff for an affordable alternative.

This month’s list is varied on purpose, because we realize that our community is full of professionals from different walks of life.

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