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Abbie, Founder, Little Readers

Abbie Hibler


Sant Gervasi

Hometown/ country:

Ohio, United States

Company and Role:

Founder of Little Readers


Books, Education, E-commerce/ Subscription box

Tell us about your business, and what makes it special to you?

We curate and import high-quality children's books from English Publishing houses. We make easy for parents to have meaningful books in their homes. Our boxes (uniquely wrapped with NO PLASTIC, not even tape:) get kids excited about reading! The activities and reading guides bring the book to life. We feature fun activities but also literacy tips and specialized language learning (ESL) component for non-native speakers.

Tell us about the defining moment that propelled you to start your business, or follow your dreams.

It was the holiday season and my mom wanted to subscribe to something monthly to connect her to my daughters on a more frequent basis. We looked and looked for something that would be meaningful and something that I as a parent would want every month. There was only one answer: a book. A good book. A book we would have forever. A book that came with a special message from Grandma. And that's how it started.

What problem is your business solving? Why is this personal to you?

We find diverse and inclusive books featuring a well-written and beautifully illustrated story. We believe a good book can change your life. Reading is basically the key to every other academic and professional function. So we want to get kids excited about reading. In today's screen-addicted society we create those moments where phones are away and families are connecting through the pages of a book!

Tell us how you stay inspired as an entrepreneur.

A supportive partner makes all the difference. Friends you can lean on and ask for advice. Yet, in the end I think the relationship you have with yourself will forever be the most important one. I am my own toughest critic, and at the same time I'll stand alone in my office and perform my very own happy dance when things go the way I hoped.

Tell us about a defining career milestone or job that impacted your personal trajectory.

When I published the children's book Barcelona for Tiny Travelers I realized that you really can do what you put your mind to. I will never forget walking into the gift shop in La Pedrera and saw someone buying the book. I just stared. In awe almost. I did that. I made that. It was one of those moments in life where you actually see in action that all your effort, frustration, tears, self-doubt, and etc was for something.

Tell us about a woman who inspired you.

My mom is the definition of 'resourceful'. She can make something out of nothing. You could drop her with no money any place on Earth, and in no time she will have a few friends and know how to get home and where to get a diet Coke. She taught me at young age the value of hard work and the importance of being flexible. Adapt when necessary, yet always hold firm to who you are.

Do you feel you've mastered work/life balance? What could be improved or what would you like to work on?

Nope. And I am not going to worry about it. I do what I can. I'll forever be a mom first. I hope my girls always know that.

How do you release and unwind?

A good book. I go to bed early and read for at least an hour almost every day. We escape the city a lot and go to the coast. I love walking the dog along the on the rocky paths lining the Costa Brava. I also love 30 minute me moments: a glass of wine with a friend, a crime podcast or a video call to friends back in the US.

What's the next big step for your business?

Moving into the ESL language learning sector and growing into the German and French market.

Is there a quote/mantra that guides you?

Jump and the net will appear.

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