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Giorgia, Founder of The Freelance Finder

Giorgia Agugiaro


Hoxton, London

Hometown/ country:

Italy, Bassano del Grappa

Company and Role:

The Freelance Finder, Founder


Online platform for freelancers

Tell us about your business, and what makes it special to you?

My business was born from a need that I had felt which then transformed into a project that can actually help all the women who are sharing the same restlessness I felt when I wanted to become a freelancer. I had started searching online platforms that would allow me to become an entrepreneur but unfortunately I realized that those platforms were not facilitating the process of connecting the perfect project with the client, on the contrary, they monetize every aspect! If this wasn’t enough, for a woman it was really complicated to stand out on the online platform environment because the percentage of men was disproportionately high. So I started analysing the market carefully and reading plenty of statistics about how young people today are at risk of being the first generation historically to have lower living standards than their parents. The stats paint an even worse picture for women. I had the perfect idea to help those young people, and I was ready to reverse the trend by founding The Freelance Finder.

TFF is a revolutionary start-up that wants to change the dynamic of the workplace by encouraging and helping to highlight young female professionals and entrepreneurs. A platform that brings freelancers and companies together, in order to create a perfect synergy and collaboration. Moreover, The Freelance Finder isn’t just a platform to find work and workers on, it’s a community. TFF wants to be a guide, a source of information, advice, tips, webinars, one to one conversation, videos, interviews, articles and studies on everything that can help women entrepreneurs (or soon-to-be) gain the knowledge and confidence to get out there. On top of that, when TFF family grows we want to source all of the talent from our own platform.

Tell us about the defining moment that propelled you to start your business, or follow your dreams.

After years of working for major corporations and still not feeling I was fit in that world I decided to take a risk and start doing what I enjoyed, something of my own, a project to be proud of. I remember scrolling through and answering emails while having breakfast, arriving at the office with half of the tasks already done, conscious that otherwise I wouldn't have time to answer to everyone. After a day at the office, I remember taking my computer with me to finish the work for the next day before going to sleep, even though I could have left it for the day after, it was not that urgent. I was in a spiral that didn't allow me to see how much it was affecting my personal and professional balance. But when I really realised I needed a change in my life was during the pandemic period, when all of us had a lot of time to think. During that crazy time, while having a heart to heart talk with my fiancè, I realised I needed a big breakthrough. The idea had always been on the back of my mind so it was not complicated for me to decide where to focus my energy.

What problem is your business solving? Why is this personal to you?

As a freelancer myself I was really struggling to find the perfect project or client to collaborate with and I wanted to create, as I said before, a platform that can empower female freelancers like me and thousands of women looking to change their life and be their own boss. TFF is a startup born to solve the lack of online platforms where women can showcase their talents and be in touch with small, medium and large businesses looking for that perfect candidate. A platform where they can share their stories, where they can improve their skills, where they can learn from and be a support for others.

Tell us how you stay inspired as an entrepreneur.

I’m always trying to find happiness and freedom in what I do, small things, places I visit, stuff I read, music I listen to, meeting people that can enrich my life, even totally different from me. I smile while looking at a sunset, having a glass of wine with the people I love, and feel supported. Always looking for new things is something that inspires me a lot, going to a new exhibition in town and learning about a new artist, finding new cool places, traveling, going to concerts, being introduced to a new movie or book. Cool hunting inspires me for sure (yes, curiosity is my thing!)

Tell us about a defining career milestone or job that impacted your personal trajectory.

After graduating I decided to leave my hometown and live in different cities like Lisbon and Madrid, places that inspired me, where I felt most like myself and joyful. What impacted me personally is that feeling of freedom and willingness to work in what makes me happy, creating a project that is 100% me! My career milestone was to conclude a project for an important brand I was working for and decorate the biggest metro station in Madrid with the graphics I made. I learned a lot in that year and a half I worked for them, and even if it was tough I'm really happy to have added that journey to my personal experience.

Tell us about a woman who inspired you.

I wouldn't say I have an inspirational figure. I’m working everyday to not compare my life with other people's lives and to be that inspiring figure for myself. But of course I have women that I admire, they are people who didn't let a NO or a failure define them and they pursue their dreams, women who are happy with who they are and what they do.

Do you feel you've mastered work/life balance? What could be improved or what would you like to work on?

I'm young, I'm just 25 and at this specific moment we are in such an uncertain environment with the pandemic. I can say everyday it’s a fight to achieve the perfect work/life balance but for sure I’m slowly seeing the results. I'm learning to listen to myself, to my body and to my mind; I'm taking my time when I need to. I'm more aware of what makes me feel good or not, and this is the first and fundamental step, so with confidence I can say I'm working hard on that!

How do you release and unwind?

Simple, just let me go to the beach, leave me walking barefoot on the sand, under the sun, living with salty skin and messy hair surrounded by the people I love! If that is not possible for sure shopping is a good alternative!

What's the next big step for your business?

Achieving 10K members in our community is my 2021 objective!

What does the future of business look like for your industry? How are you a part of this change?

This platform is the beginning of a change and I hope that platforms like mine are going to be the norm rather than the exception. It's an exciting time where many things will change, hopefully for the better, most of all in the work world.

Is there a quote/mantra that guides you?

It's no good being too easily swayed by people's opinions. You have to believe in yourself! And I totally agree with Donatella Versace!

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