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Kirstyn, Founder, The Very Best Cookie In The Whole Wide World

Kirstyn Shaw


Los Angeles, California

Company and Role:

Founder, The Very Best Cookie in the Whole Wide World


Hospitality/ CPG (consumer packaged goods)

Tell us about your business, and what makes it special to you?

TVBC is an e-comm bakery based out of Los Angeles, that specializes in chocolate chip cookies. I'm delivering little boxes of joy on people's doorsteps every day, that's pretty special.

Tell us about the defining moment that propelled you to start your business, or follow your dreams.

Well it definitely started with losing my job at the beginning of the pandemic. I went into panic mode and costed out a bunch of foods I could make and sell and what that would look like. But I was afraid that turning food into a business would take the joy out of it for me, so instead I kept it light and ding dong ditched all my friends in LA with care packages of cookies. After leaving care packages for family friends, they insisted that people would in fact buy these cookies... so I set up shop on Shopify and the rest is history!

What problem is your business solving? Why is this personal to you?

Is a cookie craving a problem? Haha, for me it is! I have always been on the quest for the very BESSSST chocolate chip cookies. I started making the Tollhouse recipe when I was probably 8, and feeding people treats has always been my love language. The whole thing was very fortuitous, I would have never started this business had times not been hard. For me this wasn't about selling something, it was a way I could brighten someone's day. Surprising and delighting people is my specialty :P

Tell us how you stay inspired as an entrepreneur.

UGH! It's so hard right now. I was actually just thinking about this. Fear, anxiety, and depression have been CREEPIN lately. I think I need to shut the store off for a few days and get away so that I'm inspired to work on my business, instead of just in it. Taking walks around beautiful neighborhoods/nature is always inspiring, as is surrounding yourself with people that are always scheming and brainstorming. I love a good brain storm sesh.

Tell us about a defining career milestone or job that impacted your personal trajectory.

I worked nights as a server for the past nearly five years, and I learned more about myself than I would have ever expected. I learned how to clearly communicate with team members instead of trying to do everything myself (not possible), how to deal with intolerable humans, and have mad respect for the hospitality industry. I think that everyone should have to work at a restaurant as a rite of passage.

Tell us about a woman who inspired you.

My mom. She's always had her own businesses, she's very crafty, and she works really hard.

Do you feel you've mastered work/life balance? What could be improved or what would you like to work on?

Absolutely not, I'm a workaholic. But I love my work so I don't mind. I probably do need to set more boundaries, but it's hard to say no to sales when you're a small business.

How do you release and unwind?

Cooking, dancing, and storytelling on Instagram.

What's the next big step for your business?

I'm still figuring out if the first step is working. I'd love to have micro-bakeries around the country that focus on delivery and do away with shipping. I think there's also room for ghost kitchens to function more as co-working spaces for those in food and bev... we shall see!

Is there a quote/mantra that guides you?

Treat others the way you want to be treated. This is very important to me, I will not tolerate rudeness.

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