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Women Going Places is a new series by Juno House created to showcase diverse stories of entrepreneurship and corporate hustle. As founders, we realize that oftentimes there is a gap when it comes to sharing knowledge and that by giving a voice to triumphs and hardships we can build a stronger and more honest network. As always, Juno House is dedicated to amplifying female voices to build a new platform for local and international women of all backgrounds to do business with one another and find support. We would love it if we can begin to foster this collaboration spirit even before we open the doors to the physical house, and challenge you to support the businesses featured here.  If you would like to get involved or know a woman with an interesting story to tell, you can fill out this questionnaire to get started and we will be in touch.

Thanks for being a part of this vision to create a better ecosystem for women-owned businesses and brands. 

-Natalie Batlle, Juno House Founder

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